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Humanus is a health and wellness portal providing holistic and practical means for physical habilitation and life-fulfilment.

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Explore  ∇  Restore  ∇  Unify

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Humanus Coach, Courtney Webb


Courtney grew up intimately connected with the elements on the worlds second largest sand island named Minjerribah, or more commonly known as North Stradbroke Island. She spent her childhood bare foot on sacred indigenous land, swimming in pristine oceans and in fresh water lakes.

The islands rich natural environment planted seeds within her from an early age, for a life full of adventure and deep connection.

Life experiences, health challenges and physical injuries have deepened Courtney’s curiosity towards the process of life and help her to expand humbly into all levels of her being. Dedicated to enriching her earthly experience she broadens her awareness and understanding into human structure and function, athletic conditioning, restorative therapies, philosophy, nutrition, permaculture, natural medicine, astrology and ancient indigenous healing modalities.

Over the past 11 years of Courtney profession she has worked with the likes of athletes, corporate tycoons, the elderly, parents and children, along side peoples challenged with disability, autoimmune diseases, mental health conditions and chronic injuries.

Courtney passionately supports individuals through an empowering process of self-realisation through means of exploration, restoration and unification.

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For any questions or information, feel free to send us a message.

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