I was fortunately gifted the most incredible start in life,  growing up on the earth’s second largest sand island called Minjerribah, otherwise known as North Stradbroke. I spent my childhood acquiring indigenous wisdom through the soles of my bare feet, playing on sand dunes, learning to swim in sacred freshwater lakes, surfing in pristine turquoise oceans and building a strong bond with the native flora and fauna. I will forever be so thankful to my parents for gifting me this start in life; developing me sensationally in a rich natural environment.

In contrast, my later childhood became overwhelmingly stressful when we moved into the city. Through my schooling years, a heavy emotional undercurrent began to brew within me, during my parents divorce. Involving myself outdoors in sports, also with music and art seemed to help me find therapeutic escape. I discovered a new found sense of freedom when i finished school and moved out. I achieved my aspiration of becoming a successful personal trainer and involved myself intensively in triathlons, lifesaving and surfing. I trained hard and enjoyed social time with friends. Life was great, yet parts of me were dying to find deeper connection in life some how.

One night came along and changed everything… 

Experiencing sexual assault in my early 20’s took me on an immensely introspective journey into the underworld; my subconscious unconscious terrain. Experiencing unfathomable depths, no ordinary mind could conceive nor retrieve, I realised quickly I was going to have to find my own way out. I decided to detach myself from society more and more, to unravel from personal trauma and trans~generational strain patterns. Slowly but surely, what is revealing within me is my true and pure hearted nature.


Did it break my heart, my human spirit for many years, yes. Did I give up many times simply wishing to leave my body and this life, yes. Did I realise just how common it was even in children and men yet no one spoke much of it, yes. Did it drive me to better understand the deepest and most personal wound of humanity, yes. Did I have to go well beyond the conventional realm of rehabilitation to revive and revitalise my body~mind~heart~soul, yes. Has the growth and learning I have undertaken since this incident developed me holistically beyond my wildest dreams, yes most definitely~differentially. What a gift, it’s all turning out to be.

I’ve learnt how to swim really well in my time offshore. Crawling into my new skin, stretching out into all the Love i’ve now found from within. I’m more alive than ever; sensually somatic~chromatic and full of enlightening insight i care to share with this dear humanity.