“I was in a very very dark place. I wouldn’t say I was actively suicidal. I simply didn’t want to wake up anymore. I felt like I was supposed to get myself out of a black hole, but I didn’t know how. I couldn’t see how my life would ever improve. I tried therapy, exercise, counselling and courses and while they all contributed to loosening the rubble. I simply didn’t know how to clear it away. I felt like life was meant to be joyous, but I had forgotten how to even imagine that sensation. Then one winter, Courtney danced into my life like a ceremonial flame. She saw a tiny window in my giant brick wall, and her glow reached through it. My life began to repair that night. She was patient, insightful, practical and profoundly wise. I had always thought I had a ‘healthy body’, but my shoulders ached, my knees struggled, I slept terribly and I was regularly in an anxious or stressed state. It took time. But Courtney showed up, day after day, to peel back the layers that restricted my freedom. We breathed and moved and connected the dots between my past and the physical restrictions I was experiencing. Piece by piece we swept the dirt out from my bones. The mornings improved, my sleep did too. My smile began to return and when she asked about my knees recently. I had completely forgotten I ever had a problem. We did sessions over a year, then as time went on I noticed my approach to every day had been altered. My journey continues, now that my understanding of emotional, physical and spiritual health has deepened. As for the breath work; I had no idea that I didn’t know how to breathe. This technique, alone, has completely changed the way I feel every day. It literally shifts my body out of anxiety and I now approach the same daily events with ease. Now, how can one express such gratitude for such an incredible impact on my life? Courtney didn’t just change my life, she changed the way I live, the way I breathe, walk, witness, observe and love. Thank you for believing in me, Courtney... for seeing past my hardened shell and returning me to such abundant joy.”

Kate Nutt

“I was about 19 when I first started dealing with back pain. I've always lived a healthy active lifestyle, but the last 3 years I dealt with pain every day! After a year of dedicated efforts to fix it, from circuit training to 4 days a week of bikram yoga, I started working with Courtney. The biggest shift Courtney #guided me into was sensational awareness. Once I had recovered sensation in my core tissues and my thoracic cage I was able to consciously support my spine. After also learning how to regain effective mobility, my lower back compensations lifted. I can happily say I don't live with back pain anymore. I will warn you - when you are working with Courtney, you do much harder things then pushups. It takes #honest involvement and ongoing maintenance. It isn't a bandaid approach like most, more a learning process about your body and how to best align with it.”

Ziggy Alberts

“I think it is really important to fully trust the person you train with, because they have the power to change a lot about your performance as well as personal life. It can be a fine line between pushing yourself in the right direction or training too much and losing balance, exhausting your self and exposing more injuries. With Courtney it didn't take me long to see I was in very good hands. She has a great understanding of how the body, mind and emotions work together. She doesn't leave any detail aside and is always being very careful you do every exercise right and not skipping steps. I felt better within a few sessions with a clearer mind, and an energy boost from developing a better posture. I also really enjoy her massages and learnt a lot about what my body needs, as well as its potential. Definitely recommend!”

Lee-Ann Curren

“What i got from my time with Courtney was literally a breath of fresh air. Like water to dry earth. The sessions igniting parts of my body I had no communication with. Courtney opened pathways for me which have presented endless opportunities and empowerment towards my journey and dreams. She's a ninja and now a great friend. I'm grateful for the work she put in directing me toward a more efficient lifestyle and awareness of self. Thanks legend, Love ya.”

Charles Wall aka Bobby Alu

“Courtney is such a relief, a breath of fresh air! She works with true mastery of the physical body, yet approaches it from a cosmic, holistic viewpoint - exactly what I wanted without even knowing it. She is uber professional and offers true care and support. I feel so looked after with her. The way she expands my consciousness of the body and it's vital role in my purpose is invaluable”

Christina Fire Mane Charley
Private Session Humanus

“Courtney came into my life at just the right time. As I was healing from an ankle injury, I learned about Courtney’s holistic approach to being, healing and rehabilitation. As she helped me to develop a stronger foundation specific to surfing, we discovered underlying issues that were preventing me from achieving my highest performance potential and have worked together to rectify these misalignments. Since working with Courtney on a regular basis for over 2 years now, I’ve felt more robust both in the water and out. My paddling technique specifically has never felt so strong and integrated. Training with Courtney is so much fun and I always look forward to each training session, especially when it involves her very skilled massage!”

Lauren Hill

“Training with Courtney over the past year has been an epic journey of personal growth and rehabilitation. I have learnt so much about my body, its integrity, as well as developing a greater understanding of holistic health and wellbeing. After suffering with pain and poor flexibility for years as a result of multiple broken bones, tears and soft tissue injuries incurred over 15years of playing football, I was resigned to the fact that it would always be painful to walk and I would never have the same range of movement that I once had. After training with Courtney however, I can now move without pain and my range of mobility and functional strength feels incredible. There's still a way to go but I now feel more integrated, co-ordinated and functionally stronger than I ever have. Thanks heaps Courtney it's been an epic journey. Your a legend!

Andrew Wells

“Courtney has helped me to find my own breathing rhythm, different to other meditative practices I’ve never been able to stick to. This practice however, I look forward to everyday! I find myself naturally going into a deep meditative state, finding more and more new territory in my body each time. And Im having some of the most incredible visions; what I can only describe as a complete new sense of self. The chatter in my mind stops and allows me to discover more of my true self each time. Undefined, my matter feels into free flowing energy that creates its own beautiful art. It’s the closest to an ‘out of body’ experience I have ever felt. A true beginning to liberating the constraints of my own mind and returning to the intuitive being to be.”

Deanae Maree

“I've been feeling a lot like an old man. I needed to do something about it and fast! Since about 16 I have been struggling with shoulder issues that would leave me unable to work out regularly or swim and do so many other things I should be able to do at my age. I have tried everything from classic physical therapy, dietary changes, to acupuncture all with no avail. I have been working with Courtney for a few months via Skype and have already experienced more improvements than all these things combined. I have learned how to tune my body and mind to have them function together as one. My shoulder issues have not magically gone away, however myself and my close friends and family have noticed the improvements in how I carry myself and how much relief I have from pain. If it wasn't for Humanus Physical Habilitation I would still be in a hopeless state feeling my body crumbling away. I still have a long road ahead but im enjoying building this new connection with my body. The exercises and techniques Courtney has taught me have been reflected in all aspects of my life. Going into each session I will be feeling groggy and down right not wanting to do them but always leaving feeling rejuvenated and grounded. My pain and immobility is diminishing more and more every week and I feel a deeper connection with my body like never felt before. I will be forever grateful for all I have learned from this coaching experience and it's only just begun”

Graham Unverzagt

"I cannot recommend Humanus more highly! Courtney's knowledge of the human body and its intricacies is extensive, I'm so grateful for her holistic coaching. The exercises she has guided me through have empowered my body, mind and soul.”

Tiffany Richmond
Halie Janet Testimonial Picture

“I’ve always been a fit, strong and agile person so when I had a few accidents in a row (snapped right ankle tendon, back injury at Bikram and then a broken coccyx horse riding) it affected me both physically and emotionally. My body began to change and I didn’t like it. I lost flexibility and vitality. It was time to get my act together and begin the rehab my body was screaming for. So I went to see an avatar and got way more than I bargained for! Courtney is a talisman for the body. My gosh that woman reached inside and got synovial fluid moving, sinew surrendering and most of all my spine moving like a side winder serpent. I now know how to properly breathe, chill the nervous system and that subtly working the body from the inside out is really the only way to a fully fluid functioning body and spirit. As a result I have been catapulted into living life the same way. I love Courtney so very much and words will never suffice to the immense gratitude I feel for it all. Another avatar was birthed as a result. ”

Halie Janet