It is said that HUmans were created in the image of God and bathe in a resonance of Love. 

Observing the general state of somatic and societal affairs, it seems this race has indeed fallen from grace. Bodies laden with strain are malnourished and spiritually afraid, emotionally numb, over reactive and riddled with pain. I find this disturbing grounds for future generations to build up from. It’s heart wrenching ~ this human condition. I pray that the great spirit comes alive within us and our fruit full abundance be restored. Our lifetime Is an opportunity to put things right and end the fight. 

Heaven in earth ~ this is our birth rite!

Are you awake most personally and universally within the divinity of your spine? Our body hold the keys to our mental~emotional~spiritual freedom yet is insanely overlooked, undervalued and mistreated. Being an incredibly sophisticated design, it will shine when truly aligned in accordance with our Mother Nature. Our consciousness must be alchemically reclaimed ~ bodies enlightened, unadulterated and unashamed. Reassuring connectivity within our primordial waters, will set us free from past conditioning so that we can rebirth our true HU~man potential. 

Humanus Physical Conditioning inspires Holistic Habilitation, through a soulfully enriching practice of embodiment. Learn how to breathe your cells alive, resurrect your postural vitality and attune your supreme sensual intelligence.


This is the awakening of an avatar revolution!

This is the dawning of a spiritual resolution! 



“The secret to change is to focus all of our energy, NOT on fighting the old but on building the new.”